How To Use Anti Cellulite Cream To Improve Your Skin Condition In Just A Few Days Only

Unfortunately, very few are lucky enough to escape from the odious and almost inevitable cellulite. But, what can you do against nature, right? The fact is that many women, despite being extremely thin and eating a healthy diet, also have cellulite. Well, there are still a number of anti cellulite cream products out there in the market that could solve your cellulite problems. Although the reality is that the creams only reduce the appearance of orange peel (and doesn't completely eliminate the cellulite), it is possible to see a marked improvement if you have the necessary perseverance and a healthy diet.

cellulite cream usually targets the unwanted fat found in the body
The cellulite cream usually targets the unwanted fat found in the body.

Fast And Effective

If you are looking for fast and visible results in just a few days from now on, anti-cellulite creams can come to the rescue. The anti cellulite cream usually targets the unwanted fat found in the body, notably by stimulating the activity of the cells with ingredients such as caffeine, retinol and carnitine. The results of Joey Atlas cellulite program can be seen after 15 days of treatment with rigorous application at least once a day. However, some experts recommend two applications daily, one when showering in the morning and another when showering at night.

Simple To Use

Usage is really simple. Just perform a moderate massage, thereby promoting cutaneous micro-circulation in the area and greatly facilitating all the skin tissues. Then the procedure is terminated with a more localized application of the cellulite cream. The concentration of caffeine eliminates the orange peel in about seven days, and reduces the volume contour of unwanted areas.

False Advertising

Some cosmetic companies promise a reduction of three inches of cellulite, and with this claim each year they have managed manage to sell large amounts of cellulite creams in recent years, especially during the interim summer season. However, a number of women have expressed their disappointment with the results after trying these products. So commercial cosmetic houses are now rethinking not only their advertising strategies but also their product quality. They have realized that it is important not to disappoint consumers with misleading promises.

High Expectation

The trend was to convey to the public the maximum reduction that was recorded in clinical studies in laboratories usually performed before releasing their product in the market. Now of course the mean value is chosen - not more than a reduction of about 0.7 centimeters. The goal is to gain credibility and not confuse people. From three to 0.7 inches, the difference is significant because the expected results are reduced by 23.3%.

cosmetic companies promise a reduction of three inches of cellulite
Some cosmetic companies promise a reduction of three inches of cellulite.


Anti cellulite creams are preferred and used by hundreds of women all over the world today. What is the secret of their effectiveness? Apparently the manufacturers have pledged their best efforts in creating quality products, and have invested in it, apart from expensive ads and commercials. However, as always, these creams are supported by many and criticized by others, although admittedly that criticism comes from a significant minority.

The key is the expectations of the consumers themselves, often created by advertising. Finally, the evidence regarding the use is also central to these products, since the results can be seen after about 10 or 15 days.

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