How To Use The Truth About Cellulite Exercises Program To Remove Skin Dimples In Your Legs And Thighs

As you may know, the Truth About Cellulite exercises program comes in the form of a training schedule on cellulite reduction moves. According to the video presentation in the Joey Atlas website, skin tightening could be achieved with lower body exercises. These exercises help ensure skin lighting and muscle tightening. These in turn, serve to reduce the ugly warps in your body.

can be ensured with lower body exercises
Skin lifting and muscle tightening can be ensured with lower body exercises.

Common Myths

Cellulite happens to be one of the most detested of cosmetic problems for women. It is a condition that affects nearly 80% of women and can be really hard to treat since there are hardly any well-known remedies that are freely available. some common myths regarding to the Truth About Cellulite are listed below:

  • Only Appears In Over-Weighted Women - This is just not true! As popular beliefs suggest, fat deposits do cause cellulite, but it is more so because of the structure of fat tissue rather than the amount of fat. Even athletic and relatively skinny women get affected by the condition. Weight loss need not necessarily reduce the dimpled appearance; it can in fact increase the unwanted appearance.
  • Exercising More Can Prevent This Condition - This myth is in line with the point mentioned above. Most people believe that cellulite will disappear when they replace fat with muscle. Excessive exercises lead to weight loss and this could increase cellulite formation by tightening of the connective tissue bands, which give the skin a dimpled appearance.
  • Liposuction Is An Effective Treatment - Liposuction is an excellent body contouring treatment, but it will not be effective in cellulite treatment. Having said that, it has been reported in some cases that it has actually helped improve the condition.
  • Healthy Diet - A lot of people advertise foods that claim to decrease the appearance of cellulite. But as of now, there is no substantial medical evidence to prove this point.
  • Drinking Too Much Water - Drinking tons of water in no way affects the appearance of cellulite!
  • Skin Creams Could Help You - This myth has some basis. If you have thin skin, the appearance is more prominent. But if the thickness of the skin is increased in the affected areas, then they may look less prominent.
Weight loss does not reduce the dimpled appearance
Weight loss need not necessarily reduce the dimpled appearance.


  • The method and the Truth About Cellulite exercises movements workout have been made available through online videos which are of DVD quality. The program has also been put out through PDF ebook. So, you also have the option to download it and print it out as a hard copy.
  • You can learn the techniques from separate videos which have been particularly designed for uplifting the strength of hips, legs, thighs and butts.
  • You also come across a printable schedule. There is a planner to guide you through the ins and outs of exercising sessions.
  • The workout exercises program also includes streaming videos for arms toning and stomach flattening in the website.
  • The routine covers eight weeks' time. You learn how to follow an appropriately lined up fitness regimen, so that the strength and bind of the affected muscle fibers are restored and revitalized.
streaming videos for arms toning and stomach flattening
The cellulite workout program includes streaming videos for arms toning and stomach flattening.

The Truth About Cellulite Exercises Video

  • Lower body part consists of ninety different muscular groups. If these are not worked out, they tend to become loose. This in turn assists the formation of cellulite. The program highlights the importance of muscle tightening, in order that they don’t atrophy.
  • There is a series of Symulast exercises meant for toning and tightening of lower body. Cellulite, as is being stated time and again, tends to affect the lower body. Hence, the exercises specifically target the muscular build in this area of your body.
  • A few cardio exercises have been included in the package. Again, the objective is same to strengthen the muscular bind of legs, thighs, butts and buttocks.
  • The program features a workout schedule. In the course of it, you are shown how to work out in DVD video and PDF ebook, how to space workout sessions in order to achieve the ultimate objective. You are instructed on making effective use of body weight, so that it is able to provide resistance.
  • With the help of the video exercises by Joey Atlas, you can fix and firm out the affected parts. These exercises help tighten the muscular bind of hips, butts and thighs. Do remember that the focus is on muscle toning, smoothening and tightening and not on building.
you are instructed on making effective use of body weight
You are instructed on making effective use of body weight so that it is able to provide resistance.


  • Time Effective - Workout sessions are easy to plan, practice and go about. They are not time consuming. You need not spend more than two hours for going about these. In a week’s time, you just need to reserve four days for the purpose of exercising, and the time period needn't be longer than two hours.
  • Well Planned - The Symulast method includes a schedule for exercise planning. This definitely works to your advantage. With the help of a planner, you can thrash things out appropriately.
  • No Gym Visit Needed - You can carry out these exercises within the comfort zone of home. Exercises don't involve the use of expensive equipment. The planner serves as your guide, and hence, you need not visit a gym to seek guidance of a physical trainer.
  • Natural Methods - With the help of natural techniques, you learn how to strengthen, smoothen and tighten body muscles. Techniques which are natural are always better than those which are artificial. Thus, you can stay away from purchasing gel, cosmetics and other chemically oriented products. Some of these have tall claims to make about reducing cellulite. But to all intents and purpose, you may end up wasting money by purchasing these.
  • No Side Effect - Natural techniques are not only cost effective but are free from the dangers of side effects. Most importantly, the program is scientific in its objective and orientation. So, you are unlikely to be harmed.
  • Aided By Multimedia - You are provided with images and videos. You know, visual materials always create better impact than spoken or written modes of communication.
create better impact than spoken or written modes of communication
Visual materials always create better impact than spoken or written modes of communication.

Do Remember

  • You should be disciplined about following the exact movements and specifications. If you are uncommitted, irresponsible and slack; the program is unlikely to deliver results before and after. Secondly, your physiological response may differ from that of mine. Much depends on the response mechanism of the individual user.
  • While you do have the option for downloading the written content available in PDF formats, you do not have the option for downloading the DVD videos. You can only watch the moves and exercises in the website.
  • Before deciding to buy the Truth About Cellulite program PDF eBook, it is important that you are thoroughly convinced and well informed about the deals and details. Do scroll through the reviews and testimonials. In that way you will be able see if it really works for you or not. It is also important to assess the extent of benefit and see if the schedule suits your body type.
to see if the schedule suits your body type
It is important to assess the extent of benefit to see if the schedule suits your body type.


I was a bit baffled at the beginning and wondering if the workout plan is genuine or not. After checking the reviews given on various websites and I concluded that the Truth About Cellulite eBook does actually work. As you know, this condition is a minor problem with a major fixation and an even bigger eye sore. It is easy to get and very difficult to remove. For the cost of $37 and you will get useful tips for overcoming this condition. If your skin condition is a problem for you that needs to be fixed then the Joey Atlas ebook is definitely worth a shot.

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