A Quick Glance For The Top 5 Women Beauty Quotes Worth Remembering

A woman has always been the epitome of beauty and has some of the most amazing quotes have been around her exquisiteness and good looks. While there are endless quotes that come up on the beauty of a woman, there are rare ones that deserve a mention. Ask every lady out there, and she has a different take on beauty means and how one interprets it. Quite obvious, picking 5 women beauty quotes isn't going to be easy at the first glance, given the number of choices you have. Here are the top and most famous ones that deserve a mention.

the top and most famous ones that deserve a mention
Here are the top and most famous ones that deserve a mention.

Taking Joy In Living Is A Woman's Best Cosmetic

This one comes from the celebrated actress Rosalind Russell. An quintessential beautiful lady herself, this quote tells the pride of being gorgeous is much on taking the stride in living a happy life. After all, the happiness and joy of leading a life, on one own terms, is something that shows on the face and doesn't often need any more cosmetic enhancement. For a lady of the modern times, there is nothing like having no rules and following by the same.

Everything Has Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It

When something of a beauty quote comes from Confucius, you ought to pay attention for the good reasons. Beauty, as they say, lies in the eyes of beholder, and more than a beauty quote, it is about what makes women worth it. Every woman has her own pluses and minuses when it comes to the elements of beauty, and not necessarily it has to be about the skin. If you are someone who doesn't find the confidence in their own look, this is a quote you should be following by all means.

Beauty Is Power And A Smile Is Its Sword

Beautifully and most poetically put by John Ray, this is one quote that needs to be on the diary of every woman out there. Nothing beats the charm of a smile, and as Ray could have said, a nice smile is like that sword that can pass through hearts and brings that charisma one always wishes on the face.

with the sword of truth always looks her best
A woman with the sword of truth always looks her best.

Beauty Is Truth And Truth Is Beauty

This one comes from John Keats, and you know it means more than just beauty or a quote about the same. Stunning ladies with truth are more daring than those faces of makeup on the celluloid. If you preach and believe in the truth, surely this is a quote that you can follow and tell everyone else about. After all, a woman with the sword of truth always looks her best!

No Object Is So Beautiful That It Will Never Look Ugly

This contemporary one is by Oscar Wilde, who sincerely has termed the modern woman like no other. Nothing in this world is without the faults, and yet to see the beauty through the same eyes is something that every man and woman should have by all means. If you think you are flawless, you have a new reason to check the mirror.

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