First Hand Customer Review For The Acne No More Book And Video Program From Mike Walden

Pimple or the formation of acne on the face has become common problem that every teenager or people in their twenties suffer from. There are hundreds of medicinal treatment programs, creams and lotions, makeover procedures etc, available in the market and on internet today. Even though such solutions can cover or get rid of the problem, there is no guarantee that it does not come with side effect. To help people suffering from acne or pimple related issues, Mike Walden gives you the final solution.

the pdf book is a holistic system designed to permanently cure
The book is a holistic system designed to permanently cure acne without drug.

Acne No More Book Overview

Firstly, this is an unbiased review post for the Acne No More book program, which is written by Mike Walden, to investigate how the system works to cure your skin problem naturally. Many sufferers have tried every treatments that their doctors provide but with no success. If this describes you then you will want to try the problem.

The materials offered by Mike Walden is based on extensive research and experiments. This program cures acne permanently because it addresses the root causes of the problem.

  • It is a holistic system designed to give permanent result. It is a step by step system that will help you clear your skin up completely. You will see it offers natural home remedies that actually work.
  • Mike Walden himself suffered from acne for years and after many years of research came up with a proven system that improve skin health altogether.
  • The program takes months to work but eventually it helps to eliminate acne completely by slowing down the oil production process in your face, which is mainly responsible for your problem.
  • In addition, it works without the use of drugs, creams, and typical acne treatments and for this reason, it is advisable for all sufferers to test it for themselves.
see positive results in less than one week for your acne condition
You will see positive results in less than one week for your acne condition with Mike's book.

What You Can Expect

  • When you find out the information included in Acne No More system book you will improve the quality of your life drastically. You will get Mike Walden's fully illustrated step-by-step guides which will walk you through the process of getting rid of this condition altogether. Actually in less than 2 months you will find that the condition no longer exists.
  • When you first start the curing program you will see positive results in less than one week. The process will remove blackheads, scars and marks left by acne. It will also get rid of excessive oil in the skin. You will look and feel better and your self esteem will soon reappear.
  • This book provides a safe and effective plan that enables sufferers to achieve permanent relief. However, in order to enjoy its results fully, people who use it need to follow it correctly.
step-by-step guidelines of removing acne
You will get Mike Walden's fully illustrated step-by-step guidelines of removing acne.

Important Facts

Mike Walden points out four main life changing facts in the Acne No More video program. These are very important pieces of information that will help you understand what you need to do to get rid of it forever.

  • The first fact is that typical medicinal measures offer lots of conflicting advice and usually give very ineffective means of treating the condition.
  • The second fact Mike Walden discovered from his years of research is that most of the drugs and even antibiotics that are generally give to treat the condition will actually make it worse. This is why his step by step guide will use no medicines or drugs in the treatment plan.
  • The third fact is that all topical creams, gels, lotions and cleansers are not effective, if not useless at all. Some of them may offer temporary relief by alleviating some of the external symptoms, but they do not offer a permanent cure.
  • And the fourth fact Mike Walden will expand on is that acne is not a skin problem - but a sign that there is something wrong internally.
Acne is not a skin problem
Acne is not a skin problem but a sign that there is something wrong internally.

How Acne No More System Work

This treatment takes a holistic approach to permanently curing the condition. This treatment is different from other types of topical options because it offers a real cure. Other treatments only offer a temporary fix and most only relieve some of the symptoms but do not address the root cause.

While writing this review, I found that the book secrets and video address the internal causes for acne problem. Usually this is due to the body having excessive amounts of sebum. This is an oily substance that is made in the body to prevent hair and skin from getting too dry. But when the body makes too much of this substance it can cause an excessive oiliness that clogs skin pores. Mike Walden teaches you how to correct this condition naturally.

Drugs And Antibiotics Are BAD

Although many sufferers are tempted to visit a dermatologist in order to get medications to treat their acne owing to the pain, frustration and embarrassment that they experience, this is not a very wise decision since medication is not a solution to the problem and in fact, a dermatologist can make it worse by prescribing medications continually.

Antibiotic medications such as Minocycline and Tetracycline have proven to be very harmful solutions to the problem since they not only work to decrease the inflammation and fight bacteria but they offer short-term relief. In addition, these medications have very serious side effects since they can damage the internal system severely by destroying the natural internal body balance.

Medications have very serious side effects
Medications have very serious side effects since they can damage the internal system.

Pros, Cons And Negative Review

  • The PDF ebook with 220 to 225 pages contains detailed explanation of every step that should be followed to get rid of pimple from your face.
  • Every supplement that is mentioned in the system is handpicked carefully by keeping the allergic issues of people in mind. Dermatologists tested and approved procedures never fail to offer expected results within the time duration.
  • Once you complete the payment transaction to buy the book, you can easily download it instantly, without any need of waiting for the shipment or confirmation email, etc. This also saves you from paying extra amount as shipping charges, if you are residing in a different country.
  • There are several great pros for the Acne No More system book. First of all, there is no waiting since it is a digital product that can be downloaded immediately. It is also completely natural and there are absolutely no drugs involved in the cure at all. The program is very easy to follow and monitor by the use of checklists and charts.
  • The only con and negative review is that there is so much information that it's hard to get it all read. There are also some lifestyle changes that will be necessary - well worth it - but making the adjustments can be difficult on some people.

The Natural Approach

Mike Walden has explained in detail about many home made remedies and yet have not mentioned about salicylic acid, antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide, which have become quite popular among different types of cream ingredients.

The main difference in using the method developed by Mike Walden is that this is a cure - not just something that conceals symptoms. It is also a holistic, or natural, approach which means that there are literally no side effects possible. There are no drug used at any time during the program.

It is also a very comprehensive program that offers detailed information on how to carry out the treatment steps to bring significant result ASAP. Unlike other fake cures, the Acne No More PDF ebook and video secrets are a collection of evidence that has been clinically proven to be scientifically accurate.

get rid of acne can benefit from information in the book
Anyone willing to get rid of acne can benefit from information in the book.


Although many suffers may see improvement in their acne condition after visiting a dermatologist, who usually prescribes all kinds of medications, the problem usually gets worse after a few months. They may also try gels or creams to see if there is a remote chance of getting back their former decent skin. Unfortunately, it just becomes a cycle of going to and from the dermatologist since they do not seem to get a permanent solution.

That's what anyone who is serious about getting rid of the skin problem could benefit from the information in the Acne No More secret video system. Those who want to have their radiant, beautiful skin restored will find the book very informative and beneficial. It is also good for sufferers of any age including adults and teenagers.

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